Bringing people together

Bringing people together

I recently celebrated my 50th!
This was an occasion to bring the people I love together to celebrate life, reminisce about times past and create new memories. It involved mountains of tasty treats and delights, cakes and candles, fine wines, craft beers and everything in between.
We bring people together around reclaimed timber tables

There are plenty of nooks and seating places at my home, but the one thing I was missing was a beautiful outdoor table and bench seats. So true to form, I designed an 8-seater outdoor table that, like me, is perfectly imperfect. 

Original table design

The timber came from a demolished 1920s house in Sydney. The timber was a combination of house walls and structural framing. Old houses are constantly being demolished and sadly most of them end up in landfill. At The Wattle Road, we recognise that every piece of timber has a story. We rescue timber, give it new life, new love and a new chapter. 

Original timber from house demolition        Gathering reclaimed timber from demolition site

I retained the nail holes, cutouts and numerous imperfections in the timber and made them a feature. When you look at the tabletop, the breadboard ends, the side rails or the legs you can not only see its past but almost hear its stories.

Outdoor table made from reclaimed Australian hardwood

Reclaimed timber table feature     Reclaimed timber table

Reclaimed timber table feature leg    Reclaimed timber table being installed

Reclaimed timber table with feature imperfections


Like me, this table is full of history. Because of me, it can go on for at least another 50 years.

If you love to bring people together, if you have a special occasion or just another weekend to spend with the people you love and need a custom outdoor table (and bench seats), then order yours today.

Until next time...
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