Bespoke furniture has you in mind

Bespoke furniture has you in mind

When you look around your home or business rooms, are there any pieces of furniture or joinery that stitch it all together? Any single item that you couldn’t do without? Any feature that makes the room feel complete? 

The Wattle Road specialise in making bespoke pieces that bring the room together. 

Much of the hard work in a renovation is already done by other trades to get a room or space ready for those final touches. Those final touches are where we come in - fit for purpose joinery and bespoke furniture items that complete a room.

At The Wattle Road, we make our furniture work harder to solve the many unique and often complex problems in a single space or environment.

Following are some recent examples of integrated solutions where The Wattle Road have designed, made and often installed bespoke joinery and furniture for a specific room.

Kitchen 1: bespoke legs and shelf

Functionally this kitchen does everything it needs to. Aesthetically it pops because of the bespoke reclaimed Australian hardwood that has been used sparingly in that space. The timber softens the pallet and connects all of the other pieces together. 

Kitchen 2: bespoke kitchen bench

This kitchen has been designed with its users in mind. It connected an open plan kitchen space to the living room that was previously blocked. The feature item between the kitchen and the living room is the very large 3m x 1.2m kitchen bench that is made out of solid reclaimed Australian hardwood. This is a statement piece made from century old timber from a demolished building in western Sydney. The kitchen is a necessity in the home, the bench top is what brings people together.

    Bedroom: bespoke bed mantle

    This house was built by a local construction company - Abroenet Constructions. One of the features is a bed mantle in the main bedroom. The mantle is a very simple piece of reclaimed Australian hardwood that serves its purpose as a shelf.

    What's more is that this natural material softens the room and allows the vertical tongue in groove boards by Weathertex to stand out as a feature wall. Together, the vertical boards and the mantle bring together beautiful textures to an intimate space.



    Lounge room: bespoke window 

    Having minimalistic spaces requires items to work harder than usual for a greater impact. In fact, minimalist or not, good design is about listening to your clients needs and understanding their context in order to solve complex problems. 

    This front window made from reclaimed timber does exactly that - it acts as a window (as it should), but it also is a playful source of ventilation, a book shelf, a drink holder and a form of artwork. Just because it’s called a window doesn’t mean it needs to only be a window.

    At The Wattle Road, we make our furniture work harder to solve the many unique and often complex problems in a single space or environment. Our bespoke furniture and joinery is being recognised and sort after because: 

    • We use beautiful reclaimed Australian hardwood that is full of character, personality, and history.
    • We make precision joinery that is millimetre perfect where required
    • We use a design thinking philosophy that ensures we solve actual problems, not just  deliver cookie cutter solutions.
    • We recognise that every piece of timber has a story and we go out of our way to match stories to user environments.
    • Our solutions are strong, simple, and aesthetically pleasing.
    • We love to collaborate with clients and other trades to deliver better outcomes.
    • Our pricing is affordable because we’re a small passionate team and our overheads aren’t outrageous.

    The Wattle Road is all about creating unique experiences. If you’re looking for cookie cutter, it’s not us. If you’re looking for beautiful, simple, strong and well thought out bespoke furniture solutions for your home or business then we’d love to work with you.

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