Kitchen joinery made out of reclaimed Australian hardwood.

What's your point of difference?

When you look around your home at the choices of furniture that you've made, can you identify your point of difference?

  • Is there an interior design theme that you follow?
  • Do you change your interior style with the seasons?
  • Is there a particular colour that you align with?
  • Is there a specific material that you embrace?
  • Is it the size of your items that matter most?
  • Are there environmental reasons for your decisions?
  • Are they vintage?
  • Are they unique, custom, limited-run items?

Whatever your point of difference is, it will be resounding in all of the interior furnishing choices you make. Your point of difference will keep you aligned, focused, and acute in your decision-making. It will be the single thread that connects one item with the rest. 

Our point of difference is handmade, limited-run furniture that is made from reclaimed Australian hardwoods.

At The Wattle Road, we recognise that every piece of timber has a story. We rescue timber, give it new life, new love and a new chapter.

All of our items come with a story. Each piece of timber has already gathered a lifetime of human stories - eg: protecting a family in a home, being the floor of a historic building, enabling transport via a bridge, holding up a roof in a warehouse, or providing security and the occasional scratch to animals on a property. 

It's an absolute joy hearing clients talk about their personal connection with the timber that we have sourced to make their item of furniture. One couple purchased a bath table that was handmade from floorboards in a heritage-listed building in Sydney. It turned out to be that same building that brought them together.

Another client had a bookshelf made and the timber sourced was beautiful old messmate that came out of an old warehouse in Melbourne. The client's childhood had been spent in and out of warehouses in Melbourne. 

If only these timbers could talk, oh the stories they could impart. Thankfully we choose to celebrate the imperfections in the timber so that there are enough markings on the timber for its new owners to contemplate its past and connect its future.

Over the past several months, we have been engaged to make a variety of diverse furniture items including bookshelves, kitchen shelves, a BBQ table, crumpet holders, kitchen joinery, office desks, and even a pool fence….all from reclaimed timber. Timber with a past. Timber with a story.

TV Stand made from reclaimed Australian timber by The Wattle Road  
Side table made from reclaimed Australian timber by The Wattle Road
Bookshelf made from reclaimed Australian timber 
Legs on a kitchen island bench made from reclaimed Australian timber

Individually, each of these items are beautiful timeless pieces of furniture. However, in their new location, they are the point of difference to the existing environment. 

Each piece of reclaimed timber tells a story, has perfect imperfections, and has such unique character.

Get in touch and let us create a point of difference for you.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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