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With Christmas just around the corner, you have the chance to beat the rush and get something unique for the people you love. This year, we have all of our favourite small items plus a couple of new ones too. 


If you love food like we do, then look no further. Choose from a selection of platters, chopping boards, drink tables and even crumpet holders. We've recently commenced a wonderful collaboration with local chef 'Crumpets by Merna' and you'll get the best crumpets you never knew existed and a cute reclaimed timber holder that doubles as a phone holder.


Over the Summer break, everyone deserves to put their feet up and take it easy. Our drink stumps and bath mates have you covered. Literally move from your favourite chair to the bath, then repeat. And if it's a bell you need, then I am sure we could arrange that too.


Everything we make is made to order, so it's extremely personalised. A collaboration we have enjoyed for more than 12 months now is with talented artist and life drawer Kate Hart. If a personalised drawing is what you wish to gift this year, then consider one of our frames and Kate's drawings. I personally recommend them.



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