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Hannam Vale Side Cabinet

Hannam Vale Side Cabinet

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This product was born via the collaboration on a custom customer project. The Hannam Vale is our latest 3 door side cabinet, custom designed and carefully crafted out of Tasmanian Oak timber to deliver a simple, elegant and feminine look.

The practical design remains simple: 2 cavities, 3 doors, 2 shelves. The feature designs are what makes this cabinet unique. It has curved sides, slats on each side, slightly curved and angled legs and colour grading of the timber throughout.

The cabinet enables quick and easy access to the items that reside within. The main cavity has two doors and the space is separated by a shelf. The second cavity has a single door and a shelf. The shelves are centred in the middle of the cabinet providing a uniform look with the top and bottom of the cabinet when one or more doors are open or when viewing from the sides, through the slats.

The design features the natural timber shades - light to dark, dark to light. The top, bottom, doors and even the slats on the sides are colour graded. These decisions are subtle features that will be discovered and appreciated over time.

Quality hardware is used throughout including brass or stainless steel to enhance the look of this fine furniture item.


Height: 950mm. Width: 1800mm. Depth: 450mm

Exclusivity: The Hannam Vale side cabinet can be made using any timber species. This version uses a combination of reclaimed and new Tasmanian Oak.

Availability: 6-8 weeks from ordering.

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To learn more about the making of this product, visit the blog post.


Australian hardwoods.

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